ABC House - Arts Basics for Children
ABC House - Arts Basics for Children

ABC = the first letters of the alphabet. ABC = ART BASICS for CHILDREN. But the C not only refers to children but also to critical, to asking questions and to communication. The B in Basics is also that of the Brain or of awareness, and A is the first letter of Art but also of Anthropology and Anima, the soul of things.
- Marianne Van Kerkhoven, playwright

ABC vzw (npo) is situated on the border of art and education: it is a laboratory for aesthetic experiences, creative development and artistic awareness.

ABC (ART BASICS for CHILDREN) is the brainchild of Gerhard J├Ąger. When he became a father, he went in search of stimulating books and play materials for his growing son as an indirect visual guide to the arts. This book collection, in which culture and education are central, grew to the extent that he wanted to share it: with other parents, but with teachers, librarians, educators as well, and last but not least, with other children.

The most interesting ideas from the numerous books were selected and transformed into play and workstations: small islands where children and adults, individually or together, could get started using their imaginations, senses, hands, etc in a fun and creative way. And of course they could also rummage in the books where it all started. In this way the interactive ABC studios were born.