Satellite project: Maqamat, Beirut – a bridge between Europe and the Arabic world
Satellite project: Maqamat, Beirut – a bridge between Europe and the Arabic world

Maqamat plays a significant role in the artistic and cultural development of dance in Lebanon and the region. It has created a strong dynamic that acts like a catalyst to the creation of contemporary concepts and ideas. The question today is no longer whether dance is accepted or not, but rather what is dance revealing and how it affects our perception of ourselves, and society.

Despite the circumstances and the lack of possibilities in many Arab Countries, dance was able to fill the void in the artistic field, to be active and influential culturally, artistically, and socially. The question regarding the essence of dance, opened the door for more questions related to the essence of ‘thought’ and the essence of the ‘the body’, its dynamics, existence, philosophy, and our perception of it. Maqamat similarly approached contemporary dance as an immediate aliveness of the performing body, and highlighted its impact on our society, our relationships, our culture, and our ‘becoming’. From this perspective, BIPOD-Beirut International Platform of Dance is more than just a dance festival. It is a political, cultural, artistic, and social statement against the continuous failures of our institutions.

Here lies the importance of Maqamat’s vision towards creating a dance house (Beit El Raqs) in Lebanon, which will serve as a house for dance in the Arab World. This project aims at establishing a strong creative artistic scene that is not separated from the region’s cultural, social, political, and geographical context. A ‘house’ that supports and represents the ideas of an audience that is not merely sharing the same space only, but also the same intellectual, philosophical, and social concerns of change and progress.

The project:
The idea of ‘Beit El Raqs’ aims at creating a strong condition for the continuous development and progress of contemporary dance. To enrich, promote and sustain the development of emerging talent and stimulate excellence in artistic creations and works.