Alessandro Sciarroni
Alessandro Sciarroni

Why do you do what you do?
I don't know.

How do you work? (What are your source of inspiration and how do you work on them? You have daily practices?)
If I have an idea for a new project, for a show, I try to make it happen. That's all.
I have many sources of inspirations, but I start a new process of creation only if I have had an intuition.
I don't have a daily practice.

For you, what role does the artist have in society today?
An artist is just a person. Every person is different. So every artist is different.
So I cannot imagine the same role for each artist.


Alessandro Sciarroni

Alessandro Sciarroni is an Italian artist active in the field of Performing Arts with several years of experience in visual arts and theater research. His works are featured in contemporary dance and theater festivals, museums and art galleries, as well as in unconventional spaces and involve professionals from different disciplines.

His work goes beyond the traditional definitions of gender. He starts from a conceptual Duchamp-like matrix, makes use of a theatrical framework, and he can use some techniques and experiences from dance, as well as circus or sports. In addition to the rigor, coherence and clarity of each creation, his work tries to uncover obsessions, fears and fragilities of the act of performing, through the repetition of a practice to the limits of the physical endurance of the interpreters, looking at a different dimension of time, and to an empathic relationship between the audience and the performers.

His works have been performed worldwide: Europe, South and North America, Middle East and Asia.