Claudia Dias
Claudia Dias

Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because artistic “doing” is still relatively autonomous vis-à-vis existing power structures. In this fragile line and sensitive territory, it is possible to think about and have perspective on the world and extend an invitation to others to do the same. There is a sense of community that is established in the act of presenting a piece to an audience, a power that escapes mercantile logic. This is what I want to explore as an artist and as a citizen, because this is where the encounter with the other can occur.

How do you work? (What are your sources of inspiration and how do you work on them? You have daily practices?)
I don’t believe much in concepts as inspiration. I believe, above all, in work and the power of working. I use a theoretical-practical tool to create called Real-Time Composition that I use to “dissect” the material I am interested in, the things that preoccupy or move me. This is the polis in a broad sense, the social and relational aspects of people, History, and life stories. I am above all concerned with the unequal relationship between collective and individual history, the site of the great drama of our times.

For you, what role does the artist have in society today?
The times in which we live are not for waiting. I think we find ourselves in a particular and important historical moment. A turning point; perhaps even a paradigm shift. I think the scales can tip to the barbaric or to the edification of a fraternal world characterised by parity. I think artists have an important role in making sure the balance tips the right way.



Born in Lisbon/Portugal, Cláudia Dias is a choreographer, performer, and teacher.

She began her dance training at Academia Almadense and received a scholarship to continue her training with Companhia de Dança de Lisboa. She completed the training program for Contemporary Dance Performers at Fórum Dança. Later she completed her Master’s degree in Performing Arts at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. 

She began working as a performer with Grupo de Dança de Almada, and was part of the artists’ collective Ninho de Víboras.

She collaborated with Re.Al and was a key performer in João Fiadeiro’s work and in the development, systematization, and transmission of Real-Time Composition technique. 

Dias created the following pieces: One Woman ShowGuided TourOut of things, things are born, Willingness to Will,  Nem tudo o que dizemos tem de ser feito nem tudo o que fazemos tem de ser dito.

She is currently developing the project Seven Years seven pieces, a long-term project that counteracts the idea of an absent or precarious future, painfully laid out year after year. In the frame of this project she has premiered in February 2016 the first of seven pieces Monday: Watch out for the Right.

Since 2007, she regularly teaches workshops in Choreographic Composition and Real-Time Composition Technique.

Her work as a choreographer, performer, and teacher has been presented by many organizations, theaters, and festivals in Portugal and abroad.