CollettivO CineticO | Francesca Pennini
CollettivO CineticO | Francesca Pennini

Why do you do what you do?
For the adrenaline rush.

Because it’s difficult.
Because it’s dangerous.
Because it’s permeable.
Because it’s live and alive.
Because it’s between control and the uncontrollable.
Because it’s a shared experience.
Because it’s about re-thinking the obvious.
Because it’s a source of knowledge.
Because it’s a serious game.
Because it can affect and change me, the artists I’m with, the audience and sometimes a little bit of outside world.
I like complex things.

How do you work? (What are your source of inspiration and how do you work on them? You have daily practices?)
I start with something that stings my interest. 
I let it stew for a while. 
I discuss with Angelo Pedroni, he tries to destroy my ideas, I try to defend them. 
The ones that survive can go forward.
For a few months we go on exploring, readying, collecting sources from philosophy to YouTube or my grandma anecdotes. 
I practice thinking through writing. I draw a lot to synthesize the graphic signature of the project, to understand it’s aesthetic world.
We draw maps of thoughts, working on the spacing and connection of concepts to imagine a specific and new territory of values, language and taste for each work.
We usually have no idea of what the performance will look like.
We design together a specific system of conditioning for the work, a space of rules to put ourself in, a sort of method. 
We often design devices and mechanisms as part of the process that are spin off works of the projects.
We have fun with many people, we invite them to join the research.
We start to practice and live the devices we designed, that are often very immersive experiences (of perception / relation / daily life conditioning / sensorial deprivation / urban performative practice / web missions…) and we reset them through experience.
It’s something that affects and change us and our lives.
When the change is done we start the proper rehearsals and creation.
Suddenly, very quickly, the work collapse into the performance.
Then it’s a rush and suddenly is done.
About daily practices:
No. We have very tight schedules and daily work, but no praxis.
We do a physical training that can be transversal to very different bodies. We like to change.
We share many roles in the collective so organization, budgeting, strategies, technical matters are part of the day of all of us.
For you, what role does the artist have in society today?
To make appear the invisible rules.
To make new rules.
To disobey them.
Francesca Pennini starts off as a gymnast and then explored a broad range of disciplines, from butoh to free diving, from martial arts to disco-dance. She worked as a freelance dancer for Sasha Waltz & Guests. In 2007 she founded CollettivO CineticO as a flexible group of artists: more than 50 members from different disciplines keeping the structure of the company in constant dynamic. Their work crosses genders and codes reformatting the rules of the performative event, challenging the relationship with the spectator with a rigorous yet ironic approach. They developed devices and didactic methodologies for a peculiar choreographic approach with a broad range of bodies. 
CollettivO CineticO is resident company at the municipal theatre of Ferrara “Teatro Comunale Claudio Abbado” and until now they created 37 works, winning many awards: Giovani Danz’Autori Prize 2008; Rete Critica Award Best Italian artist 2014; Jurislav Korenić Award Best Young Theatre Director 2014; Danza & Danza Prize Best choreographer and interpreter 2015; UBU nomination as best interpreter Under 35; MESS Prize 2016; Hystrio Iceberg Award 2016; Prize of the National Association of Critics 2016. 

(Background photo: Marco Davolio)