Julia Schwarzbach
Julia Schwarzbach

Why do you do what you do?
there´s an anecdote cruising around in my family saying that I walked so akwardly as a child that I had to start dancing in order to walk through life normally...
now, with my normal walk, I can call myself lucky to get the opportunities to do what I want to do.

How do you work? (What are your source of inspiration and how do you work on them? You have daily practices?)
for some years now my physical practice is often taking place in “outdoor studios”.. I like to move in forests or just under the sky, it connects back to my interest and backround in somatic practices such as Kleintechnique, BMC and TaiChi. that´s not a heavy agenda or schedule, sometimes taking a good breath outside can be enough. get-togethers and conversations with people are often the most inspiring moments..i like any kind and form of listening and daydreaming. i mostly work with people i know well.

For you, what role does the artist have in society today?
Our roles as artists are probably and hopefully as diverse, influecend and liquid as the roles we all perform on a daily basis, wether we call or perceive what we do art or not. I guess acts of dialogue and translation are an ongoing necessity to shape and carry what we call society.
To think an artist today without any kind of institution around her/him is I think hardly one might also want to ask what the roles of the institutions are within society.


Julia Schwarzbach

Julia Schwarzbach is a dancer and performer based in Salzburg. She has collaborated with choreographers and artists such as Sasha Waltz, Tania Bruguera, Ivana Müller, Gill Clark, Rosalind Crisp, Zoe Knights, Barbara Bess, Claudia Heu and LaborGras.

Her work `loops and breaks` (2012-) began as a research project in Austria and Germany, exploring and testing the relationship between performer and audience - an ongoing interest. The show toured the UK and Spain in 2014, playing venues such as Barbican London, Matadero Madrid, Traverse Theatre Edinburgh.

In 2014 Julia initiated the interdisciplinary performance collective under construction. The group showed their first work at sommerszene 2015. The same year she choreographed a work on the Yugsamas movement collective and conducted a research residency at Impulstanz Vienna with performer and DJ Nic Lloyd. Born out of this research Julia and Nic developed the duet Recreation (2016-).

For Toihaus Theatre Salzburg Julia develops and tours performances for young audiences all around the globe. She graduated from SEAD Salzburg and holds an MA in Performance and Creative Research from Roehampton University London.

Her practice is informed by an interest in experiential anatomy and somatic practices, looking at the structures and architectures of the body and questioning ideas of natural and built (human) environments.

(Photo: Alex Brenner)