Lisa Vereertbrugghen
Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Why do I do What I do?
1. Because it is my job and I feel a desire to do it. 

2. I chose to make this kind of pieces because I feel a need to work with transformation as a key element and to look at things that are not focused on the center or the individual. I aim to create a space for the in-between, the margin and the multiple.

3. I am fascinated with things that have an internal opposition of hardness and softness, flexibility and rigidity and intimacy and violence. The aim is to complexify both the soft and the hard.

How do i work?
watch youtube- read – write – dance – discover physical practices- walk
+ combination of the above
+ creating different objects along the process (for example text, video, performance). 

For you, what role does the artist have in society today?
The artist today needs to follow his or her particular interest and find his or her own strategy/method of working, separated from the dictated “way of doing it”.


Lisa-Josephine Vereertbrugghen

Lisa-Josephine Vereertbrugghen is an artist based in Brussels who makes performances, installations and publications within/bordering the field of choreography. After finishing a master in cultural history in Leuven, she moved to Berlin to study dance and to Amsterdam for choreography studies at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). The last two years she has been working in multiple forms with the hardcore techno subculture in a research on softcore choreography.