apap and Tanzforum Berlin : Digitalisation and Performing Arts
apap and Tanzforum Berlin : Digitalisation and Performing Arts

Tanzforum Berlin is a video platform that presents contemporary dance performance events in Berlin. It caters to dance audiences, dance performers and directors, curators and event organisers both in Germany and abroad. Despite the enormous variety of productions in Berlin, contemporary dance is underrepresented in the media and therefore unfortunately also in the public eye. At the same time, dance being a visual and highly dynamic art form makes it difficult to describe with the power of words alone and as such predestined for the moving image.


The Tanzforum Berlin project was founded in April 2008 within this context. The Tanzforum Berlin team creates exclusively and post 3-5-minute video trailers presenting current projects by renowned Berlin choreographers and young artists, as well as productions shown within the scope of established Berlin dance festivals. Tanzforum Berlin is committed to encouraging greater interest and curiosity in the dance world, and providing a broad range of information in order to promote new contacts and networking. The trailer archive constitutes a comprehensive information tool for everyone interested in dance.


apap – Performing Europe 2020 decide to collaborate with Tanzforum Berlin because of the proximity with the apap production studio. As first collaboration in digitalisation on Performing arts Media, Tanzforum Berlin realized a video interview by Ivana Müller during the festival “Open Spaces #3” in Tanzfabrik Berlin in November 2018. The goal is to create digital and sharable knowledge about artists’ works and performances.


Moreover, it is now possible to search directly apap artists presented in the “apap production studio” in the large archive of Tanzforum Berlin.


Find the video by Ivana Müller here


Link to Tanzforum Berlin