Imagined together with ABC – Art Basic for Children – Brussels


International collaboration in a network only have a real impact and importance from the moment that the extra value generated is visible on several levels. Next to a wider visibility of artists and their work, a crucial element of apap – Performing Europe 2020 is the development of common tool for the deepening and widening of audience development.


Our common programme for audience development is developed together with the specialized organization ABC (Art Basic for Children), based in Brussels (www.abc-web.be). ABC is a non-profit organization, that has been working in the field of art education for over ten years.

Structurally supported by the Flemish ministry of Culture, the ABC-House offers day visits for schools, family weekends, teacher training courses, consulting offers, holiday-, and tailor-made workshops and projects for specific target groups. They also develop tailor-made projects and creative environments for organizations in the artistic, cultural, educational and social field (museums, theaters, cultural centers, schools, libraries, refugee centers,…).


apap – Performing Europe 2020 together with ABC organized two Workshop for Audience Development experts, and from the Know-How generated by these appointments, each partner institution implemented several activities in the first two years of the programme.


In this page, we are happy to share materials, stories and know-how, from our European NEW AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME.


The core questions of the Programme:

"what is performance nowadays?"

"how can audiences engage with the performing arts?"

“how can audiences talk about performing arts?”.


Please find the material collection with articles, videos on live art and dance, photos and best practice examples here


Read the short report of the ABC meeting in Brussles.