apap artist premiere at Nanterre-Amandiers:
THÉO MERCIER, La Fille du collectionneur
apap artist premiere at Nanterre-Amandiers:
THÉO MERCIER, La Fille du collectionneur

14.11 – 19.11

La Fille du collectionneur

conception and direction Théo Mercier

ph_Martin Argyroglio


The body of Marlène Saldana, La Fille du collectionneur, is the connecting thread of an entirely unique viewing. Marlène Saldana poses nude to a jazz soundtrack, miming absent artworks whose presence can still be sensed on the empty walls. Real subjects, sketches and memories reveal a visible imaginary uncovered and made manifest by absence. Absent artworks, and an absent father, that malevolent figure of whom we are constantly reminded but whom it is impossible to meet. Ultimately, La Fille du collectionneur is the story of a connection, revealing how the void left by absence is filled with memories.


Concept and Staging Théo Mercier
With François Chaignaud, Jonathan Drillet, Harris Gkekas, Angela Laurier, Marlène Saldana
Co-creation of scenography, paintings and sculptures Théo Mercier, Arthur Hoffner
Assistant director Florent Jacob
Drawings and story boards Jérémy Piningre
Music Laurent Durupt and the musiciens of Umlaut Big Band
Musiciens Romain Vuillemin, Rémi Fox, Antonin Gerba, Sébastien Beliah
Light Design Eric Soyer
Interns for costume and scenography Anaïs Caulat, Juline Darde-Gervais, Alice Louradour
Set building Les ateliers de Nanterre-Amandiers




from November 14th to November 19th at Nanterre-Amandiers :

Tuesday-Saturday 9 pm

Sunday 5.30 pm

English subtitles Friday 17 and Saturday 18 as part of Festival les Inaccoutumés 2017


as part of Festival Les Inaccoutumés 2017, La Ménagerie de verre


For more information www.nanterre-amandiers.com





Tour dates

From December 11th to December 13th at Annecy – Bonlieu

March 10th and 11th at Montpellier - CDN Montpellier - humain trop humain