PRESS REVIEWS // apap artists / summer 2017
PRESS REVIEWS // apap artists / summer 2017

Summer break? Not at apap ...
June & July started with a loaded and multi-faceted program and August was just as lively!

Here is a review of the summer programm with insights into exciting work of various apap artists:


Michikazu Matsune @ Sommerszene Festival, Salzburg (Austria)

Wojtek Blecharz & Ramona Nagabczyńska @ Nowy Teatr, Warszawa (Polen)

Navaridas & Deutinger @ Sommerszene Festival, Salzburg & Impulstanz Festival, Vienna & Kristallwerk, Graz (Austria)

Juan Domínguez @ International Summer Festival Kampnagel, Hamburg (Germany)

Erna Ómarsdóttir @ Southbank Centre, London (UK)






Michikazu Matsune


Sommerszene 17 (23.,24.,26. 6.)

 “Caution: Performances in the public space can change the view of reality. Short irritations in the old town …”Salzburger Nachrichten

“Real uncertainty - The irritation is on schedule, and it works. (…) The police were called at the premiere. They arrived, looked around and expressed a warning notification. Matsune demonstrated successfully that minor shifts in a normal everyday life can lead to real uncertainties. In view of that fact, powerful artists as Matsune are needed in facing reality.”





Wojtek Blecharz


NOWY TEATR (16. & 17.7.)

„Sound is a frequency, vibration, a dynamic material that can touch our senses, emotions, but also the body.“

Body-Opera is dedicated to the audience; it explores the relationships between the human body and how we hear the sound, reminding us of its physical nature.

What is opera installation and why is it still worth composing operas even though nobody sings in them? While showing around Body-Opera, Wojtek Blecharz will try to explain why this opera requires one hundred yoga mats, one hundred pillows, one hundred loudspeakers and eight hundred meters of cables…





Ramona Nagabczyńska


NOWY TEATR (17.7.)

 „... the question of identity and body in the everchanging world where new technologies are of key importance“

A work in progress presentation of a performance referring to, among others, the aesthetics of the sci-fi, B-horror movies, strategy of Genesis P-Orridge and NASA designs.  Nagabczyńska chooses mutation, repetition, reflection and symmetry as her creative strategy and ponders upon the question of identity and body in the everchanging world where new technologies are of key importance.





Navaridas & Deutinger


Impulstanz Festival (7. &  9. 8.), Kristallwerk (31.8., 1. & 2.9.)

“There are indisputable similarities between the evening visit to the theatre and the sunday church going.

"Europe, what has happened to you?" - Alexander Deutinger raises a question which is not necessarily attributed to the example of the painted clergy. (…)

Singing and music, dance and visualization merge into a great overall picture. Not at least because of the musician Adina Camhy - with simply beautiful to noisy slanting sounds. (…)

Finally, at the end of the evening, the content of the "collection bag " is a symbol of the shrill imagination: an undecided mixture of empty beer bottles, bank notes, sunglasses and headache pills. And through this the differences between theater visit and church visit - in the diversity of the content - are clearly recognizable.KULTUR


“Their style of performative performance and their way of dealing with current themes is unique … Burning questions, not only for Navaridas & Deutinger (…)”





Juan Domínguez


Kampnagel (10. & 11.8.)

"Juan Dominguez, a man who currently appears everywhere in Hamburg (...) The man in the gray business suit is printed on posters and  stands for the election slogan, "Safely insecure". Sueddeutsche


“(...) A fictional election campaign. Revolution is also quiet. Next door. The festival garden. One of the hosts of this place is Juan Dominguez, whose face is currently papered on almost all streets. (…)  an exciting alternative in the tedious German election campaign.”


What is your first memory? When did you throw everything overboard what you were before? What Would you like to be a beginner in certain things? He asks himself and his audience.

He tells stories from his sex life, talks about anecdotes from his family, or makes linguistic analytical statements about his name. (...) He sits on a chair in front of the audience. It seems as if a beer with Juan Dominguez had been arranged and a casual chat evening would be the goal.”





Iceland Dance Company 


Southbank Centre (18. & 19.8.)

(by Erna Ómarsdóttir, Valdimar Jóhannsson,Matthew Barney, Ragnar Kjartansson, Margrét Bjarnadóttir, Gabríela Friðriksdóttir)

Icelandic choreographers Erna Ómarsdóttir and Valdimar Jóhannsson put together an evening full of sacrificial rituals for the individual who, in their opinion, would like to believe even though God is long dead. [...] Sacrifice passes through each sacrificial ritual after another, examining them from the perspective of today, giving them a new form and context in the stylized holy everyday life and glorified beauty, health culture, and the shallowness of the consumer society."

"Sacrifice proved to be much more than a breathtaking sacrifice. Commerce is our contemporary religion, consumption our ritual. Manic yet refreshing show that is truly a success."


„Subtitled ‘a festival of common things made holy’, it was a stimulating experience of multimedia art: dance, song, music, film, visual art, pottery and even a session of ‘hate yoga’ in the interval – (…) there was very little that did not stir emotions.“

Sacrifice by Iceland Dance Company is a spectacle of dance, art and film. Billed as “a festival of common things made holy”, it takes in dance, film, music and a dash of stand-up comedy.