apap artists news:
Alessandro Sciarroni, Collettivo Cinetico, Karol Tyminski
apap artists news:
Alessandro Sciarroni, Collettivo Cinetico, Karol Tyminski


XVI edition of Europe Theatre Prize

Premio Europa per il Teatro: 

Alessandro Sciarroni,

Untitled I will be there when you die

The Europe Theatre Prize promotes, in the setting of live performances, interdisciplinarity, integration, and co-operation between theatre and other arts. Its aims are to promote the knowledge and diffusion of drama throughout Europe, to advance the development of cultural relationships and to strengthen the European conscience. Europe Theatre Prize assigns, among others, two awards: the Europe Theatre Prize and the Europe Prize Theatrical Realities.

The prize is awarded for the work of a career and the winner is chosen for the whole of his artistic path among notable personalities of international theatre, considered in all its different forms, articulations and expressions.


Alessandro Sciarroni is a visual artist, dancer, and performer. He's active in the eld of Performing Arts with several years of experience in visual arts and theater research. His works are featured in contemporary dance and theater festivals, museums and art galleries, as well as in unconventional spaces and involve professionals from different disciplines.

He presented his creation Untitled I will be there when you die and a work-in-progress: Cowboys







UBU Prize 2017

Best Dance Italian Performance : 


Maria Taglioni on the ground

direction, choreography: Francesca Pennini


In a white limbo. Like a Fashion Show. Like  a  collection of  insects. Like a ballet. Romanticism   that   goes   beyond   the   ‘contemporary’   and   its   conceptualisms, simultaneously  cooled  and  made  incandescent  by  a  look  of  lacerating  and  distant citation,  dedication  and  oxymoron.  A  journey  through  the  body  that  exposes  itself  in  the most  extreme,  aseptic  and  ascetic  nudity,  carrier  of  wonderful  clothes  in  which  to  hide and  celebrate  its  darkness,  exalting  and  projecting  itself  in  a  mythological  horizon. Sylphidarium  evokes  the  choreography  that  was  the  origin  of  the  romantic  ballet,  La Sylphide,  featuring  Maria  Taglioni  in  1832,  the  affirming  act  of  the  pointe  shoes  and  the tutu.  It  evolves  in  Les  Sylphides,  abstract  evocation  of  its  moon-like  fumisterie  of  1909, mutating  now  towards  entomology  with  the  sylphs,  beetles  that  feed  on  carrion  and  are used by scientists to trace the time of death of a body. An autopsy of classical ballet, transformed and hybridized by gymnastics, acrobatics and bodybuilding,  presenting  an  aerobic  finale,  modeled on  Jane  Fonda’s  keep-fit  videos, with  spatial  silver  outfits,  in  the  midst  of  a  white  scene  that  wants  to  repeat  the  dazzling effect  of  twirling  tutus.  The  fantasy  connects  with  the  ironic  dismantling  of  balletic scenarios,   of   the   story   of   Adolphe   Nourrit,   as   the   upward   leaps   fight   against   the disarticulation of the erect posture or freeze in tableaux that seem to stop time in a hybrid frame between the past, today and the future.A glowing work, supported by the highly mobile music composed by Francesco Antonioni and the iridescent, real, slightly crepuscular and imaginative lighting by Fabio Sajiz.A  reflection  on  the  forms  of  tradition  in  order  to  draw  a  mutant  body,  surpassing stereotypes typical of the "contemporary" genre, to venture into uncharted territories that go beyond the etiquette of predefined shapes and also that of contamination, in search of its generative urgency for expression. 


Web page: www.collettivocinetico.it/eng/sylphidarium_eng.html

Edited 10’ video: https://vimeo.com/218128954/f2e4977a0a

Full video: www.collettivocinetico.it/video-sylphidarium-full.html 



ph_Viola berlanda



Karol Tyminski

as one of the 10 Choreographers You Should Know

on contemporaryperformance.com

ph_Ian Douglas


see the video: THIS IS A MUSICAL


Karol Tymiński is a Polish choreographer/performer, member of Centrum w Ruchu, graduated from Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.) in Brussels, Belgium and Warsaw Ballet School. The works created by Tyminski has being presented in various venues in Poland and abroad. In his explorations Tyminski mainly focuses on gender problems. Performer, presented as a vesel that can be filled with any story or idea, oscilates between masculinity and feminity or even beyond sexual definition.

During his career Karol has performed in  Belgium, Chech Republic, France,  Germany, Holland, Italy, New York City, Poland, San Diego, Spain, United Kingdom.Tyminski aslo works with other artists among all, Joe Alter, Nigel Charnock, Fabian Chyle, Eleonore Didier, Vincent Dunoyer, Bill T. Jones, Kaya Kolodziejczyk, Jennifer Lacy, Liat Magnezy, Jacek Poniedzialek, Agneja Seiko. Karols' artistic activities has been rewarded by the support of European Commission, Open  Latitude, Stary Browar Nowy Taniec, Ciało/ UmysłFoundation, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Advancing Performing Arts Project, Institute of Music and Dance, Movement Research, Mica Moca, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Burdag Foundation and the President of Radom City.