ABC Art Basics for Children:
ABC Art Basics for Children:


23rd, 24th and 25th May 2017 at the ABC-house in Brussels

The non profit organization ABC is situated on the border of art and education: 
it is a laboratory for aesthetic experiences, creative development and artistic awareness. 

“ABC = the first letters of the alphabet. ABC = ART BASICS for CHILDREN
But the C not only refers to children but also to critical, to asking questions and to communication. The B in Basics is also that of the Brain or of awareness, and A is the first letter of Art but also of Anthropology and Anima, the soul of things.”
Marianne Van Kerkhoven, playwright

In cooperation ABC and apap developed a common program for audience development on European level, the basis to adapt and build up towards local circumstances and needs.

In a three days interactive lab the team of ABC gave an inspirational training on how to focus on the main themes:

ABC of dance, creative learning environments, artisitc teaching and future of education, visual poetry, abstract art, optical illusions, STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics), shadow theatre & masks, stones, city games and visual literacy.

“Today art education has no definite goal, no method, no particular content that can be taught, no tradition that can be transmitted to a new generation - which is to say, it has too many. Just as art after Duchamp can be anything, so can art education be anything. Art education is an education that functions more as an idea of education, as education per se, because art education is finally unspecific. It is an education without rules. But so-called real life, where we are subject to an endless variety of improvisations, suggestions, confusions and catastrophes is also finally without any rules. Ultimateley, teaching art means teaching life.”
Boris Groys