A review in four parts:
apap – Performing Europe 2020 _ Part 1: the apap artists
A review in four parts:
apap – Performing Europe 2020 _ Part 1: the apap artists

After four successful years the apap project Performing Europe 2020 – funded by CREATIVE EUROPE comes to an end. The project started in June 2016, with a cheerful meeting of the apap artistic directors during the festival Sommerszene in Salzburg. Back then we were not imagining to end the project in these unthinkable circumstances, but on the positive note the worldwide shutdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic had allowed us to take time to look back and realize how much apap has achieved and how many artists and cultural workers has helped in these four years. We wanted to share with all of you these thoughts in a 4 years reviews in 4 parts.

Part 1.

The apap artists

apap supported 38 artists (http://www.apapnet.eu/artists) for the whole four-year period, in a long-term plan, promoting constant exchange with the partners, in order to provide individual solutions for specific needs.

Each artist had the opportunity to tailor their support and gain international co-productions, presentations in international festivals, residencies in different location and in particular in the apap Production Studio in Berlin (http://www.apapnet.eu/about/apap-production-studio-berlin/), professional help on project development and budgeting.

These multiple, yet singular paths had the foreseen side effect to bring artists and institutions closers, and to develop personal relations between artists and producers, but it also archived quite some amazing results, have a look: 











But we have done much more, have a look on our live on apap page to discover our archive!

Stay healthy, stay safe and enjoy an apap May!