A review in four parts:
apap – Performing Europe 2020 _ Part 3: Audience Development
A review in four parts:
apap – Performing Europe 2020 _ Part 3: Audience Development

After four successful years the apap project Performing Europe 2020 – funded by CREATIVE EUROPE – comes to an end. The project started in June 2016, with a cheerful meeting of the apap artistic directors during the festival Sommerszene in Salzburg. Back then we were not imagining to end the project in these unthinkable circumstances, but on the positive note the worldwide shutdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic had allowed us to take time to look back and realize how much apap has achieved and how many artists and cultural workers has helped in these four years. We wanted to share with all of you these thoughts in a 4 years reviews in 4 parts.


Part 3.

Audience Development

In cooperation with ABC – Art Basic for Children based in Brussels (www.abc-web.be), apap developed a common program for audience development on European level for the whole four-year period, the basis to adapt and build up towards local circumstances and needs.

After the enriching experience of the first apap-ABC lab in Brussels in December 2016, that archived a first know-how exchange about audience development between the apap partners, the board of director discussed the necessity to implement new strategic steps in the common program for audience development. The reasons for these strategic changes are consequent to the feedback of the audience development experts that participated to the first lab and summarized in two main points: Necessity of a more formal exchange between the experts of the institutions and more centrality of the ABC experience and know-how.

A special workshop with the audience development experts of the network followed from May 23 to May 25 at the ABC House in Brussels and consisted in 1 full day of work with children and teenagers of ABC, followed by an exchange session and one to one sessions with ABC experts to develop further the upcoming activity in each apap institutions.

From June 2017 on the audience development experts implemented the previous planned activities with the new common experiences made in the practical workshop with ABC in May. They focused on the developed modules 1 & 2 by ABC: a physical object, that travelled from one institution to another, but also – due to ecology, financial or special reasons – a concept that can be realized on-site by each partners. Additional ABC offered to use a collection of materials with articles, videos on live art and dance, photos and best practice examples (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1oxv9dzcodx5i5q/AACRKa0TpDxwASjcCzNsVeAPa?dl=0.)

Read the short report of the ABC workshop in May2017 in Brussles and have a look to best practise examples:






But all apap partners have done much more, have a look on our live on apap page to discover our archive or on the partner websites!

Stay healthy, stay safe and enjoy an apap May!