Superamas: premiere with CHEKHOV Fast & Furious at Wiener Festwochen
Superamas: premiere with CHEKHOV Fast & Furious at Wiener Festwochen

»If you come to think of it, I am, probably, very, very unhappy.« Bitterness, boredom and self-pity define the characters in Chekhov’s late 19th-century play Uncle Vanya. Although his characters are stuck in a place they don’t want to be, they don’t break out or take a risk. Anyone who starts to make waves calms down again – and in the end, everything stays the same.
When the rebellious Franco-Austrian performance collective Superamas tackles this piece, the result is an urgent plea for vitality, courage and spectacle. In a process that spans several months, Superamas join forces with a group of energetic, bold young people from France, Iceland and Austria to translate the themes of the “old” theatre into our time.”
From the program of Wiener Festwochen

For six months Superamas worked with four youth groups in Amiens, Maubeuge, Reykjavik and Vienna. Starting from Chekhov's famous play Uncle Vanya, young people were led to reflect and react on issues as diverse and personal as: What does it mean to succeed in life? What is happiness? What is sadness? What are the things you regret? What is love?

Young people have seized these themes to express their doubts, anger and hopes at the beginning of the 21st century.
Superamas, on the other hand, has been impertinently and ironically focused on
re-contextualising some of the situations taken from Uncle Vanya that portray the aging members of the artistic collective.

In the end, CHEKHOV Fast & Furious is a theatrical editing work that plays with the codes of representation. Full of winks, references, borrowings, games of doubles and mirrors, the show is a joyous kaleidoscope.
A theatrical exercise off the beaten track which leaves pride to a sensitive and fragile youth, determined and generous.

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