Ciało/Umysł Festival, Warsaw:
16th CIAŁO/UMYSŁ: TIME / 2nd part / 29.9. - 10.10.17
Ciało/Umysł Festival, Warsaw:
16th CIAŁO/UMYSŁ: TIME / 2nd part / 29.9. - 10.10.17

"Rush, continuity, a point – AND IN THEM: time loops, transiency, memory, loss, a short moment and unbearable longueur, quest for time, time measured with history, impermanence, political nature, time understood as arranging, reproducing, archiving, biological time of a body seen as elapsing, free time or a mutiny against the tyranny of the clock, residence – as islands of idleness, doing nothing, alternatives for the future, ways and tools for measuring time in dance…"

In September it’s that time again: Ciało/Umysł Festival in Warsaw!


11-12.07 | 29.09 -10.10. 17

The main theme of this year’s edition is time, a concept of great difficulty despite its simplicity, as described by Edyta Kozak (artistic director of the festival). The festival invites visitors to explore the various ways in which time functions, as well as the methods used by performers and audiences to establish their relationship with time. The festival will also put a spotlight on the ways in which these perspectives can intersect…

The apap artists Ramona Nagabczyńska and Christina Ciupke, the KIOSK in MOTION in collaboration with ABC (ART BASICS for CHILDREN) and many other artists and things are waiting for you.


- About Festival -

The leading theme of the 16th edition of Ciało/Umysł Festival is time. In case of contemporary artists, the expression of body in movement proves to be the most ductile mirror of time and its various aspects.


Invited artists and their works explore such subjects as continuity and transiency in our lives, the question of memory, its documentation and replication, biological time and its passing, rhythm and time loop, our pursuit of time or attempts to escape the tyranny of the clock. A Catalan curator and artist Alexandra Laudo, by means of her performative lecture titled “An intellectual history of the clock”, will acquaint our audience with the subject and explore the idea of social construct of time and the ways in which it is measured and felt. Other artists will focus on individual aspects of time. 



interdisciplinary educational installation / reflection on dance

(29.09. - 6.10.)

A place for reflection on dance and its siginifcance in culture created in collaboration with a Brussels-based organization ABC – Art Basics for Children. The project encompasses meetings, choreographical games, workshops and a mini multimedia library.

Dancing is nowadays a varied and hardly definable phenomenon. It is intertwined with circus, theater and performance, but does not substitute any of these forms. As a result, dance includes performative events that require completely different competencies and sensibilities. What does dancing mean today? This question does not only concern its contemporary definition, but also the place and meaning of dance in culture.
A series of open projects, workshops, films, and lectures prepared by Ciało/Umysł in collaboration with the Brussels-based ABC - Art Basics for Children. These events will help you find your own answers to questions about the significance of dance. Anyone can come here to act independently or use the map.

Everyone is welcome to come and act on his/her own or use a map. There are no limits here.



MORE | Ramona Nagabczyńska

(30.9. - 1.10.)

The work poses a question about visions for the future as well as the present and future status of identity and body in the ever-changing world.

MORE is a dance performance for two dancers, a choreographic utopia corresponding to ”Utopia” by a British philosopher Thomas More’ whose name is referred to in its double meaning title. The work poses a question about  visions for the future as well as the present and future status of identity and body in the ever-changing world where new technologies are of key importance.

MORE, means ”more”. More than a human, body or dance. This spectacle by Ramona Nagabczyńska (developed in close collaboration with Magda Jędra) constitutes the first part of a 3-year long cycle titled Shift inspired by transhumanism, an intellectual movement which aims to broaden and expand human capabilities by means of science, machines and technology, heading towards the emergence of a human-technological hybrid in the future.




TO DANCE | Christina Ciupke

(4. - 6. 10.)

Our interest in the apparatus of a dance performance as we inherited it from the past  is related to a desire to re-consider a future of a dance as an event. During last four years, in a number of  steps, we gradually re-examined different components without which a dance-theatrical situation  is not possible. The only aspect that was in our research left un-attended is the performative act - the dance itself. We are now at the point where we are coming back to a dancing body, imagining it in its isolation, as a “choreographic object”.

The invitation to come to Warsaw and place such an object in a museum, where the past is both immortalised and transcended, gives us profound new context for our project. Because if there is a route connecting the memory with an utopia, that route is certainly passing through the body in motion.