Raquel André on her residency:
Collection of Collectors – Artistic residency at Tanzfabrik - Berlin
Raquel André on her residency:
Collection of Collectors – Artistic residency at Tanzfabrik - Berlin

Before the end of 2016 I premiered the second Collection of People, the Collection of Collectors. We were in artistic residency for 4 months at the very north of Portugal, under the grant Isabel Alves Costa, a co-production by Comédias do Minho, Porto Rivoli Theatre and FIMP Festival.

For this first breath of Collection of Collectors we travelled through 20 villages and premiered a first version of the show at Porto’s Rivoli Theatre.

So this year, while winter is fading away, we had the opportunity to step ahead with our collection as my team gathered together immersively on a two weeks artistic residency at Tanzfabrik Berlin, where  a perfect working atmosphere allowed us to focus on developing a more flexible structure for the presentation of this collection as a theater show.

In every city I’m traveling through, I collect more local lovers and/or more local collectors, so that on each following show of Collection of Lovers or Collection of Collectors I’m able to present an ever growing collection.

At this moment I have 109 lovers collected and 15 collectors - and I’m just beginning.

This residency in Tanzfabrik was fundamental to create a formula to work with a collection that aims to be infinite…while this is precisely its vulnerability, the way of collecting more and more and more…people, and how to allow access for the audience during a show, to emerge on this  sensible greatness that exists on my meetings with each single person collected.

In Berlin I collected two people, two collectors. I went to their houses, after meeting them while chatting spontaneously on the street (although I was already eagerly seeking for them). This time I met a tattoo collector and a philosophy books collector, two more added to a Collection of Collectors of so many different things such as porcelain dolls, letters of a mother during war time, soccer stickers albums, camellias …

In this artistic project that researches on collectionism of the ephemeral, the context provided by an artistic residency is crucial on bonding my arrival into a real relationship with the place where im developing the project and presenting the show. Its crucial to fall asleep and wake up on the city where I’m finding one more lover, one more collector, one more artist, one more spectator… I’m fond of going the deepest I can with the time I have into each new city, as a potencial of being able to better know the people I’m meeting with. Although I’m getting aware that this project is not focused at all on reflecting a certain local society or community, as it totally depends on the availability that one single person has concerning another single one… and that is unique, it is ephemeral. 

At Tanzfabrik residency, I was joined by the co-creators of this project António Pedro Lopes and Bernardo de Almeida, also the video director and editor Diogo Lima and the light-designer Eduardo Abdala.

Hosted and produced by TanzFabrik under apap - advanced performing arts project, we were also supported by DGArtes - Portuguese Government.

This May we will have our next artistic residency at BUDA in Kortrijk and more collectors will be collected. 

March 2017
Raquel André