Hey, Warsaw!
Hey, Warsaw!

17. Ciało/Umysł - International Dance & Performing Arts Festival, from September 30th to  October 5th, 2018 in Warsaw

The 2018 edition of the C/U Festival welcomes artists who ask us and themselves some very personal questions. They do not judge or direct the discussion towards any unambiguous answer. They confront stereotypes and draw on their respective nations’ rich traditions to talk about their present. Their personal experiences recorded in the performances foster empathy and understanding, prompting the audience to question the familiar. They provide a starting point for a discussion on Europe, the Arab world, and each and every one of us. 
The artists combine their nations’ music traditions and new forms of dance and performing arts to tell a contemporary tale of the new meeting the old over and over again. Indirectly, they touch upon the current geopolitical problems. The performances echo with the tensions building up in the Middle East, where the artists hail from. They tackle demolitions of ancient buildings, the fragility of objects and of human life, their bicultural identity, exile and absence. They explore illusions and hopes associated with art as well as notions of subjugation, manipulation, and mutual dependence. 

At a time when all eyes are on women, they investigate how men are coping with the world they live in. apap artist Bassam Abou Diab performs at the Festival.

In programme:

1.10.18, g. 18.00, 60 min. Hamdi Dridi (Tunisia, France) “I listen, (you) see”;
Bassam Abou Diab (Lebanon) „under the flesh”
1.10.18, g. 20.30, 45 min. Yara Boustany (Lebanon), "ēvolvō"
2.10.18, g. 20.30, 60 min. Omar Rajeh (Lebanon) #minaret
3.10.18, 20.30, 60 min. Simon Mayer “Sons of Sissy”
5.10.18, g. 20.30, 60 min. Radhouane El Meddeb (France, Tunisia) “Face à la mer…”

2-3.10.18, g. 18.00, 120 min. Anita Wach, Via Negatiwa (Poland, Slovenia) „Sorry”
4-5.10.18, g. 19.00, 60 min. Tomasz Bazan „Manfred Macx” (Poland)

Additional Events
We will kick off the festival with a Dance Face-Off. The exiting performances aside, the festival boasts a rich programme of additional events that includes screenings of ‘state-theatre’ films, a panel discussion dealing with the contemporary Arab dance scene, as well as meetings with the festival’s artists. The festival will close with a concert by Wiktor Milczarek aka Souvenir de Tanger.

Please have a look at the programme details and the Festival trailer.