II General apap Meeting – Artists and Professionals 17.-18.-19. December 2018 - Berlin
II General apap Meeting – Artists and Professionals 17.-18.-19. December 2018 - Berlin

In December 2018 apap and Tanzfabrik Berlin welcomed all the artists and all the curators of the network to the second general meeting in Berlin!


The meeting was imagined as a series of encounters, increasing the numbers of people meeting in each encounter, trying to share moments among artists and curators, getting away from the respective roles. The wish was to enter an unapologetic, careful and solidary level. Each of the encounters happened in the frame of an activity suggested by someone of the participants.


At the same time, each encounter was observed by a third eye (each and one of the participants in rotation), that collected her/his thoughts, document, pictures of the moment, describing her/his perspective on what happened.

All the observations were collected together and they composed the NOVEL OF THE apap MEETING, a fantastic document towards an unknown future of our practices.

On the last day of the meeting the novel was read by all the participants together.


Here few impressions, picture and the schedules of what happened!





Take a walk with another person in Wedding and the surrounding area.



In group of 4 people do a social activity together.

For example:

  • Cook and eat together. First decide what to cook and then make groceries. The apap apartment is available for you!
  • Go to see an art exhibition and then discuss it with your group. For example in: KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Auguststraße 69.



In a group of 10 people do an activity lead by an artist.

For example:

- The Feminist Manifesto Writing Workshop

- Building Sculpture (see pictures)

- Conversation without words

- The Protests Sign Writing Workshop

- The Feedback Session on Programs



In group of 25 join an activity lead by an artist.

For example:

- The workshop “Train your Gaze”.

- The “Imagination class for bodies and thoughts”



Reading of the BOOK/NOVEL OF THE apap MEETING all together.





Wordless conversation

By Rui Catalao

An observation on the activity Conversation without words proposed by Lotte Van Den Berg.


In one of his 50 couples of short-essays “Le miroir des idées”, Michel Tournier tries to understand what made the human species invent language. So, he imagined somebody having a dream. The next morning, when he woke up, he wanted to share his dream. One thing is giving names to familiar objects and actions. But you are already in a different realm when you have to deal with an aspect of reality that is far from sight: it’s in the past, it’s somehow distant and – even more difficult to grasp – it’s inside your mind.

By inviting us to engage in a conversation with no use of spoken word or sign language, Lotte sent us back to a mythical time of people being together and sharing nothing but the attention they pay to each other. whatever is inside their minds you can only guess it through their eyes, their gestures or simply their anxiety dealing with the company of eight other people sitting in a circle.

Pretty soon during the exercise I quit looking around waiting for something to come from the group. I just rested my eyes looking at one single person, but the moment that person looked back at me immediately it came to my mind that when you don’t know of what to think of a given situation, you have to keep watching.

After a while, if you don’t want to get hypnotized by the situation of one looking into another one’s eyes, you have to study the other person. what’s her state of mind? but the moment you start wondering you get to understand that maybe the person on the other side is studying you just the same, so you start analyzing yourself, going back the years and noticing how much where you affected by the life you had, so you’re just going back and forward in your memory and suddenly through the eyes of the other, like a mirror, you are back into your life, so again you concentrate on the other person in front of you and you start wondering about her childhood and how will she get old. How much of that person’s early life is still recognizable? And is it possible to guess already how will she die?

So after a while it became apparent that it was easy to couple with one half of the group and almost impossible with the other half. So the couples would try to integrate the “gaze loners”, as if they were inviting them home, and still they would hesitate or simply turn their side. And then again. And then again. As if they were escaping or were feeling already trapped.

When two people look at each other knowing that they cannot talk and still they are together sharing their time, past and future become just as important as present – because you simply don’t know what to do with the present. You burn the images of your past life, you burn the images of the future yet to happen and in-between you start wondering: that person that you are looking at and that is looking back at you – isn’t this what a relationship is all about? No wonder some of them avoid you like the personification of the devil or eternal damnation.



The pictures presented here are from the “Building Sculptures” workshop lead by Julia Schwarzbach.