International Performance Festival in Reykjavík:
International Performance Festival in Reykjavík:

Everybody´s Spectacular

15th - 19th NOVEMBER 2017


International Performance Festival

produced by Reykjavík Dance Festival and Lókal - International Theater Festival



Expect exceptional work, vibrant talks, heady parties, and a wide variety of additional formats that bring audiences and artists alike into conversation with contemporary performance. Everybody's Spectacular is an annual contemporary performance festival that brings bold brilliant artists – from around the world – into conversation with the city of Reykjavík.

Stretching over 5 days, it will offer one bold, brave and brilliant festival of contemporary performance. You can expect new international work, along with premieres of pieces by some of the city’s most exciting makers of theatre and dance.

The festival brings together a programme of almighty local and international artists, whose diverse aesthetics bring contemporary performance practice to Iceland, with an abundance of playfulness, seriousness and urgency. The festival programs works that can be seen to share a capacity to challenge us with urgent questions of our time - at the level of our everyday lives; at the level of our everyday bodies.


Everybody ́s Spectacular is produced by two leading festivals in Reykjavík

Reykjavík Dance Festival and LÓKAL International theater festival



apap artists participating in this year ́s festival


Ásrún Magnúsdóttir – A Teenage Listening Party

30 teenagers invite you to a Listening Party.

It’s our party and we cry if we want to



Sarah Vanhee – The Making of Justice

the justice system is not synonymous with justice itself. The justice system means the application of rules, but justice is a human capacity



Mette Edvardsen – Oslo

the writing extends into the whole theatre space, multiplying the voices, the actions, the moments, the imaginations – the things and the beings



Gerald Kurdian: Hot Bodies 

a moment to stress the importance of or physical and sexual forces in the inventions of our bodies, our storytelling and our future utopias



A Queer Ballroom for the Hot Bodies of the Future 

 ...sharing of oblique experiences and playful and stimulating occasions for all to reinvent oneself




 No Tomorrow from Sacrifice (co- produced by APAP)

a manifesto of rythm, movement, chords and vague emotions. A contemplation on the beauty, inner strength and art of the dancer




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