Interview with Barbara Boninsegna (Centrale Fies, Dro)
Interview with Barbara Boninsegna (Centrale Fies, Dro)

The concept of the curator has become in recent years more and more influential. But while it has been heavily discussed, criticized and theorized within the visual arts, the function of the programmer, producer, curator in the performing arts remains strangely undebated. Even though programming in dance, theatre, performance has undergone fundamental changes over the last decades there are barely any writings that reflect on its specific role in art production, reception and market.

Therefore, apap decided to put more focus on the curators involved in the network and entice a discussion about their views on the role of contemporary performance in art, society and economy.

After asking Sven Åge Birkeland, artistic director of BIT Teatergarasjen we are continuing the short Q&A with Barbara Boninsegna, artistic director of Centrale Fies in Dro / Italy. The Festival supercontinent ran from July 21st till July 29th 2017.


Il concetto del curatore è diventato negli ultimi anni sempre più influente. Ma mentre è stato molto discusso, criticato e teorizzato all'interno delle arti visive, la funzione del programmatore, produttore, curatore nelle arti dello spettacolo rimane stranamente non discussa. Anche se la programmazione nella danza, teatro e performance ha subito cambiamenti fondamentali negli ultimi decenni, non c’è quasi alcuno scritto o saggio che rifletta sul suo ruolo specifico del curatore nella produzione artistica, nella ricezione nel mercato.

Pertanto, apap ha deciso di concentrarsi maggiormente sui curatori coinvolti nella rete e attirare una discussione sulle loro opinioni sul ruolo delle performing arts contemporanee nell'arte, nella società e nell'economia.

Dopo aver chiesto Sven Åge Birkeland, direttore artistico di BIT Teatergarasjen, continuiamo il breve Q & A con Barbara Boninsegna, direttore artistico di Centrale Fies a Dro / Italia. Il supercontinent del festival è in programmazione dal 21 luglio al 29 luglio 2017.


As a performing arts curator, what do you feel the role of contemporary performance is nowadays in art, society and economy?

Contemporary Performance, in my opinion, has the same role of Art; it’s a tool for understanding our contemporary society and particularly a vehicle for a more empathic attitude. At large, Art produces as any other industry but it opens up a more intense discourse upon its own productions.


How does the context of Drodesera festival produce an added value?

I wish it’s a venue where we can tackle –even without success!– questions and doubts that do not emerge in the mainstream of the somehow political, social and artistic agenda. Furthermore, Centrale Fies feels the responsibility of being a cultural landmark in a very tiny and remote area. Therefore, we feel the ethical and economical responsibility of our remote land.


How do you feel audiences should engage with contemporary performance? 





Short Biography Barbara Boninsegna

Barbara Boninsegna established Drodesera festival in 1981. Since the 90’s she has worked on a European programme for a small Italian community. In 1994, she collaborated on establishing the international network CQD – dancing cities. Her commitment toward a more European identity of the local cultural offer has been a key factor of her whole artistic programme. In this light, she has been appointed member of the Board of Directors of two European networks: APAP - Advancing Performng Arts Projects and FIT - Festivals in Transition.