residency at SZENE Salzburg:
Lisa Vereertbrugghen and Michael Langeder: Softcore
residency at SZENE Salzburg:
Lisa Vereertbrugghen and Michael Langeder: Softcore

Lisa Vereertbrugghen and Michael Langeder: Softcore - residency at SZENE Salzburg


Lisa and Michael interviewed each other during her residency at SZENE Salzburg


Softcore is the third collaboration of Lisa Vereertbrugghen (concept and choreography) and Michael Langeder (sound). They worked together before on Lisa's piece The Extraordinary Way She Moves and Michael's performative installation Fountain Of Truth. They both live and work in Schaarbeek, Brussels and they just finished a residency at SZENE Salzburg.


Michael interviewing Lisa

(M) What is your impression of the city of Salzburg after your residency and how does it relate to your expectations?

(L) I expected it to look like those snowballs you shake and look at the beautiful scenery. I was completely correct.


(M) What was your Heureka moment during the residency?

(L) It has something to do with using mechanisms of hardcore-techno tracks as mechanisms of speech.


(M) You have been working with hardcore techno for a few pieces now - where did this fascination or interest originate? 

(L) The desire to work on "hardcore bodypolitics" comes mainly ouf of my fascination for materials that contain contradictions. I consider this dance to be full of oppositions. There is also something very liberating in dancing so fast.


(M) How old are you?

(L) tip: I have vivid memories of the nineties



Lisa interviewing Michael

(L) How do you describe your own practice?

(M) I like to work in different fields - preferably simultaneously or in consequent periods, taking influences from architecture and spatial thinking into music, transforming poetry into a rhythm, making a sculpture of a movie or any other kind of cross fertilization - I guess I like to get surprised


(L) What interests you in hardcore (or better: is there something that fascinates you within)?

(M) The madness of it and will for experimentation


(L) WIll this performance influence your next album?

(M)I hope so


(L) Do you like to dance?

(M) I like to watch people dance


(L) Did you find out during your stay in Salzburg why Mozartkugeln are named after Mozart? And maybe also: why balls?

(M) No, if it’s more than a blunt marketing tourism idea I would love to know!