meeting in November:
Apap board meeting in Lisbon
meeting in November:
Apap board meeting in Lisbon


Apap board meeting in Lisbon! 

Two days apap meeting with the board of directors at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

from November 8th to 10th


As regular appointment of apap network, the board of directors was in Lisbon to discuss and report the activities of the programme.

More specifically, the focus was on an overview of the artistic programme, a  report on the apap production studio Berlin during the 1st year, the ABC audience development programme as well as on the topic “new Business  Models, next steps" and finally a report by Omar Rajeh about the satellite project.




Additional to the meeting two selected Portuguese apap artists invited to their performances:

Out of her four part project Collection of People Raquel André presented her new book Collection of Lovers and gave us a view into the world of her collectors in the performance Collection of Collectors.


Claudia Diaz showed the second installment All that is solid melts into air of her Seven Years Seven Pieces project. Frame by frame, they built a visual and aural narrative that portrayed, in a synthetic fashion, particular aspects of contemporary reality.











Many thanks to Gilbert Fillinger, MCA for the fruitful collaboration over many years and good luck for the next promising projects!

We heartily welcomed Gilbert ́s successor, Laurant Dréano, the new director of Maison de la Culture d`Amiens!