OPEN SPACES / SOMMER TANZ at Tanzfabrik Berlin will present premieres by two apap artists:
apap production studio berlin: Christina Ciupke and Karol Tyminski
OPEN SPACES / SOMMER TANZ at Tanzfabrik Berlin will present premieres by two apap artists:
apap production studio berlin: Christina Ciupke and Karol Tyminski

Contemporary, uplifting, challenging and confrontational - the summer edition of OPEN SPACES / SOMMER TANZ at Tanzfabrik Berlin leads to new formats and use of stage spaces in the connection of artistic research with dance and choreography. Dance practice thus becomes an invitation for a multi-faceted exchange. Tanzfabrik Berlin will present four world premieres over three weekends from 29 June to 28 July.

There will be the possibility to experience two promising apap artists celebrating their premieres: Karol Tyminski invites to the performance "Church of Non-Divine" and Christina Ciupke and Ayse Orson present their current work "At Close Distance".

Here’s to inspiration and a small foretaste!

At Close Distance

Christina Ciupke and Ayşe Orhon

apap production studio berlin · Premiere 

In a duet by Christina Ciupke and Ayse Orson, they look back in order to give the present of the physical encounter new possibilities.

"When you come closer, all my senses are caught by the intensity of your physical presence. When you retreat, the impact of our encounter remains. As the distance between us increases, my focus shifts from looking to imagining. The attention is bridging the space between us.“

Christina Ciupke and Ayşe Orhon excavate the impossible past of a physical encounter. The performance takes its point of departure from the duet “kannst du mich umdrehen”, which Christina Ciupke and Nik Haffner developed in 2011. The duet consists of a purely physical confrontation between a female and a male dancer. Within oscillating states of intimacy and loss of control, the two bodies perform intense physical impacts onto one another. No additional soundscape is present, the audience witnesses these two physical entities in negotiation.

Imagining the piece with two women - with its high intensity, the intimate intervention and the measuring of forces - is compelling. Reworking the piece as two female bodies requires the disassembling of the original in the process of passing it on and re-newing the physical appropriation of its individual parts.

At Close Distance is an investigation into the past and future state of one performance. Two individuals are on a journey back and forth through their kinesthetic memories. What is it like to go through a performed piece with different gender relations and to explore it with the intention of re-imagining its past? What does it mean to invent its impossible points of departures in order to investigate the performance’s future? The question of the physical narrative’s future is inverted through the process of imagining its possible past. The original performance becomes a challenging reference point, embodied and performed by different genders in a different period of time.

Here you can find an Interview / Portrait with Christina Ciupke:

13 - 16 July 2017, Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz, Tanzfabrik Berlin



Church of Non-Divine

Karol Tyminski

apap production studio berlin · Premiere

For the young Polish extreme choreographer Karol Tyminski nothing less than the founding of a new church was the basic idea of his quartet for a meeting of bodies and sweat.

Just after Science killed God we went dancing. We sweated out the doctrines, shook off the normatives, stomped on the old believes. We were meat and bones. We were clashing against each other, taking shapes which normally didn’t belong to our bodies. Blood rushed through our veins like they were highways which could take us to places we didn’t know. Heads about to explode, the world almost falling apart. I knew it still will be there the next day but perhaps slightly different. Science and I would have a chia pudding and she will try to explain it all to me. What I didn't know was that we would open a Church where one could shatter self as we know it.


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29 June -  July 2017, Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz, Tanzfabrik Berlin