PERFORMING EUROPE sezon III from 1st to 7th of July, Ciało/Umysł Warsaw
PERFORMING EUROPE sezon III from 1st to 7th of July, Ciało/Umysł Warsaw

The third season of Performing Europe in Warsaw will present another fragment of the European identity – this time we are going to meet apap artists from Austria and Italy through a series of various performances and projects. They are going to remind us of the power of political speech (Navaridas & Deutinger “Your Majesties”), materialize those who are not present (Michikazu Matsune “All together”), recreate dances from a child’s diary (CollettivO CineticO „10 Miniballetti”) and show to the young the role of technology in the process of self-creation (Alessandro Sciarroni „Joseph_Kids”). The first three artists have never performed in Poland before. The latter is the laureate of, among others, the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale 2019.



Navaridas & Deutinger „Your Majesties”
July 1st, 2019, 7pm
Venue: U-jazdowski laboratories 
performance in English, after talk

A lecture-performance on war, peace and hope from a cycle titled ”Icons of the Rhetoric”. Navaridas & Deutinger are experts in choreography of word and body language. They present President Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech in Oslo. Alex Deutinger recites the speech in its authentic version while Marta Navaridas acts as a teleprompter, manipulating and directing his movements. In a simple, amusing and uncompromising way, the artists expose not only the social engineering used in politics but also the relationship between a gesture and word, nuances of perception and limits of one’s endurance. The unconventional duo from Graz is going to perform in Poland for the first time.

Koncept and performance: Marta Navaridas and Alex Deutinger
Text: Barack Obama


Alessandro Sciarroni „Joseph_Kids”
July 2nd, 2019, 11am and 7pm
Venue: Teatr Lalka
Performance with no text, suitable for kids from 4

The performance is a new version of Sciarroni’s first solo work from 2011 entitled ”Joseph”. The additional word ”Kids” that appear in the title reveals the new audience that the performance is targeting. It is a kind of an instruction manual for young spectators which shows how to use new technology tools to one’s advantage, so that they could work as potential carriers of creativity and not the cause of mere alienation. The titular Joseph enters the eye of a laptop’s camera that faces the audience and tests what and how he wants to show. He is in control of his own image. As time passes, the video effects deform, multiply and deconstruct the picture. An amusing dialogue between the dancer and camera intrigues the spectators who can watch themselves and their own reactions, too. Sciarroni has been a guest of Ciało/Umysł a number of times already, the last time in 2017 when he presented his ”Aurora”, a project distinguished with the „theatrical Oscar” award.

By Alessandro Sciarono with Michele Di Stefano and Marco D’Agostin

CollettivO CineticO „10 Miniballetti”
July 3rd, 2019, 7pm
Venue: U-jazdowski laboratorium
Performance in English, contains a nudity scenes
after talk

In a series of ten mini-ballet performances, Francesca Pennini explores the unlimited abilities of a human body subjected to rigorous geometry and rises it to great heights of charismatic poetry and dance.  The relations between potency and elusiveness, choreography and dance, present and past, audience and stage – we will find all these in the award-winning spectacle inspired by Pennini’s diary from her childhood in which she described her own dozen or so choreographies which she had never performed before.  The agility of an acrobat, humor and light form capture the audience. 

Direction, choreography, dance: Francesca Pennini
Dramaturg, light design:Angelo Pedroni
Assistance: Carmine Parise


Michikazu Matsune „All Together”    
July 4th, 2019, 8pm
Venue: U-jazdowski laboratorium
Performance in English, contains a nudity scenes, after talk

“All Together” is an effortlessly presented story about enduring relationships between people. The international crew of performers go through the names of people they know or used to know. Brothers, friends, teachers, lovers, idols or even enemies. They talk about them, dedicate a dance for them, sometimes impersonate them. All of a sudden it turns out that those people, even though they are physically absent, have influence on here and now. Does the fact that they are discussed about in the presence of the audience make them become a part of life of each spectator attending this performance? And do the audience members become forever incorporated into the artists’ lives? The presence of the absent ones – for some it is a poetic absurdity, while for the others – logical truth.  One way or another, this concept is to be seriously reflected upon - are we always all together?

Concept & artistic direction: Michikazu Matsune
Performance: Michikazu Matsune, Frans Poelstra, Elizabeth Ward
Assistance & feedback: Dorothea Zeyringer


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