Premiere apap artist, TndMII Lisboa:
SOTTERRANEO, Overload premiere
Premiere apap artist, TndMII Lisboa:
SOTTERRANEO, Overload premiere

 O V E R L O A D 


Premiere at Teatro Nacional D.Maria II     

12-14 Oct 2017

ph_Andrea Pizzalis


1 paragraph. 199 words. 1282 characters. Estimated time 1’ 10’’. Can you read this text without stopping? Attention is a form of alienation - the point is to know what alienates you. That's why we always look lost in looking for something - even when we only make a few imperceptible gestures, glued to small bright bubbles. You do not understand who is listening and talking, who works and who is having fun, who really finds something and who is just confused. Have you come here without moving your gaze? Really? Isn't this effort to do one thing at a time truly unbearable? Look around you - how many other things attract your attention? Now look at yourself from above - can you see yourself?  The surfaces of the most densely populated regions on Earth are covered by a dense fog of messages, images and sounds. That's where people move, interact, sleep. Sometimes more intense noises are heard, quickly absorbed by this fog as it flashes and resounds. Seen from here the planet seems just too loud and distracted to survive - even the glaciers melt too slowly for someone to pay attention to them. Let's go back to the ground and look closely - we're all mutating ... into something that's very, very fast.



concept and direction: Sotterraneo

performers: Sara Bonaventura, Claudio Cirri, Lorenza Guerrini, Daniele Pennati, Giulio Santolini

playwright: Daniele Villa

Lighting Design: Marco Santambrogio

costume design: Laura Dondoli

sound design: Mattia Tuliozi    

graphic design: Isabella Ahmadzadeh

props:Francesco Silei            

production: Sotterraneo

co-production: Teatro Nacional D. Maria II within APAP - Performing Europe 2020, EU Creative Europe Programme

with the contribuition of: Centrale Fies_art work space, FVG’s CSS Teatro Stabile di Innovazione

supported by: Municipality of Florence, Regione Toscana, Mibact, Funder 35, Sillumina – copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura

residencies: Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese, Tram – Attodue, Teatro Metastasio di Prato, Centrale Fies_art work space, Dialoghi – Residenze delle arti performative a Villa Manin, La Corte Ospitale – progetto residenziale 2017, Teatro Studio/Teatro della Toscana, Teatro Cantiere Florida/Multiresidenza FLOW 





ph_Andrea Pizzalis


Something about SOTTERRANEO...

Sotterraneo theatre company began working as a research collective in Florence in 2005. The group is comprised of long-term members as well as a cluster of collaborators whose numbers vary according to the project at hand. The productions of the company are showed in many and important festivals, national and international theatre. Within the years, Sotterraneo has been awarded different prizes, among the other the Ubu Special Prize, the BeFestival First Prize, Mess Festival Silver Laurel Wreath Award. The main interest of the group is to investigate the collective transformations that are influencing the western society. Through a methodic decodification of the collective imaginary, considered as a field of political action in which one can move with irony and cruelty. 

Every project includes a direct relation with the audience, creating a sort of live training camp, where people are trained to survive in the era of mediatic saturation. 


Sotterraneo is part of Fies Factory Project promoted by Centrale Fies.

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