Sarah Vanhee / CAMPO with her new production „Unforetold“ at Sommerszene 2018: Julius Deutschbauer commented
Sarah Vanhee / CAMPO with her new production „Unforetold“ at Sommerszene 2018: Julius Deutschbauer commented

Where are we, who is in us and who is talking?1
Who could worry us in the nitghtime?2
How or what are we reamining, although we grow older?3
What are we dying of?4
How do we move?5
What or who do we turn into, when we start moving like an animal?6
When do we start forgetting everything?7
When and with what performance did the belgian Sarah Vanhee appear at the Sommmerszene festival for the first time?8
Who shares the stage in her new piece ‚Unforetold’?9
What are the seven little beings equiped for?10
What are the little beings good at? What type of answers do they get??11

Where do they manage to hide?12
Where can you find these little beings?13
In what world can you find these beings?14
What kind of logic does Sarah Vanhee  create in collaboration with the seven children and in which atmosphere does she do so?15
Which main caracteristic does Sarah Vanhee draw?16
What type of place does Sarah Vanhee create in a world determined by statements, statistics and votings?17
What does Sarah Vanhee’s art feed on?18
What types of locations inspire Sarah Vanhee’s work?19

1 „We are in this world and this world is in us,” they say
2 It is nighttime, but we are not asleep.
3 We grow older, but we always remain just as small.
4 We only die when we can’t count any further.
5 We move like animals
6 And when we move like an animal, we become that animal.
7 And one day your light goes out and you start to forget everything.”
8 The Belgian artist Sarah Vanhee made her first appearance at the Sommerszene in 2016 with her highly regarded solo piece Oblivion.
9 In her latest production Unforetold seven small beings stand on stage.
10 They are silent but have delicate sensors for everything that has not been foretold.
11 They are good at asking questions, use them to conjure up other realities and receive answers in unknown languages.
12 They can manage to hide where everyone can see them.
13 These beings are found in darkness, in a sparkling, glittering space filled with echoes, where they remain undiscovered and are safe.
14 Like in a world without time.
15 In an atmosphere which is made up of questions Sarah Vanhee, working in close collaboration with seven children between eight and eleven years old, uses both verbal and non-verbal conversations to create a new logic that is not entirely detached from magic.
16 It is neither planned nor strategic, but it is extraordinary, dedicated and uncompromising.
17 In a world governed by statements, statistics and voting, in Unforetold Sarah Vanhee manages to create a place that represents a new kind of politics: a politics based on fiction.
18 Sarah Vanhee’s artistic practice feeds on performance, the visual arts, film and literature.
19 The forms of her different works are as varied as the locations she chooses for their creation and presentation, such as living rooms, a prison, during a business meeting or in a park.

Julius Deutschbauer is treating Sommerszene 2018 as an expedition and is observing every event in the festival – press conferences, performances, lecture performance and parties – as his destination of choice. As a faithful follower of Conan Doyle he is spending 12 days falling into every part of the programme, both becoming trapped and setting traps for others. Every performance or non-performance in the festival will be the subject of a review or a piece of detective reportage that can be read on the Sommerszene’s blog the next morning at the latest.

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