International Performing Arts Festival:
Sommerszene 2017
International Performing Arts Festival:
Sommerszene 2017

June 20th to July 1st, 2017

As an international performing arts festival, the Sommerszene Salzburg places the contextual and aesthetic diversity of scenic arts at its centre. During the twelve days of the festival, international and Austrian choreographers, theatre makers and musicians will be presenting their contemporary dance and theatre performances with a focus on socio-political topics, issues and processes. Furthermore, five Austrian and three international premieres, that were specifically designed for the festival will be shown at the Sommerszene 2017.

The programme of the Sommerszene includes two apap artists - Marta Navaridas and Alexander Deutinger from Graz and Michikazu Matsune from Vienna:

Together with SEAD students, Michikazu Mat­sune is developing a new piece for public space. Appearing in announced and unannounced locations in the city of Salzburg the production What The Hell interacts with absurd movements and irrational gestures as a disruption in the seemingly safe zones of our environment. The world today indeed reminds us of hell. Is there a way out of it? What The Hell is a performa­tive reflection upon the world we live in, with its unsolved problems and hopelessness (June 23rd, 24th and 26th).

The new production Pontifex by Marta Navaridas and Alexander Deutinger is part III of the thematic series Iconic Rhetorics, which deals with iconic figures of our times. After the previous productions Your Majesties on Barack Obama and Queen of Hearts on Princess Diana, Pontifex takes a closer look at Pope Francis, who polarises with his critical po­sitions on economic, social and environmental issues and shakes the dusty image of the Catholic Church. Many questions arise: What is this person’s public role? Is he a Superhero­Pop­Pope­Politician? A new left­wing icon? A conservative figurehead? Navaridas & Deutinger are answering these question in form of a choreographic discourse: The relations between ges­ture and speech, external and internal perception, exposure and fragility are negotiated on stage (June 27th and 28th).

photo credit: @ Clara Wildberger


The Programme of the Sommerszene 2017:

Louise Lecavalier
Tue, June 20th / Wed, June 21st, 8pm
republic, 60 min

Gärten von Gestern. Techniken des Erinnerns.
Wed, June 21st / Thu, June 22nd / Sat, June 24th / Sun, June 25th, 5pm and 7pm
Kommunalfriedhof, ± 70 min

Pere Faura
No Dance, No Paradise
Thu, June 22nd / Fri, June 23rd, 8pm
ARGEkultur, 60 min
In Englisch language 

Michikazu Matsune
What The Hell
Fri, June 23rd, 6pm / Sat, June 24th, 11am / Mon, June 26th, 6pm
Alter Markt, ± 45 min

Claire Croizé
Sat, June 24th, 8pm
republic, 75 min 

Anestis Azas & Prodromos Tsinikoris
Clean City
Mon, June 26th / Tue, June 27th, 8pm
Schauspielhaus Salzburg, 75 min
In Greek language with English and German subtitles

Navaridas & Deutinger
Tue, June 27th / Wed, June 28th, 8pm
ARGEkultur, ± 60 min
in English language

Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods & Münchner Kammerspiele
Built to Last
Wed, June 28th / Thu, June 29th, 8pm
republic, 120 min

Rosalba Torres Guerrero & SEAD’s Bodhi Project
Long Past
Fri, June 30th, 6pm and 8pm
ARGEkultur, ± 60 min

Simon Mayer
Sons of Sissy
Sat, July 1st, 8pm
republic, 65 min