Sotterraneo is overjoyed to announce that..
Sotterraneo is overjoyed to announce that..

has won the

We are speechless. We feel honoured, overjoyed and, above all, grateful to all the people who made this recognition possible. 

We sincerely thank the UBU Association for Franco Quadri and all the jury members,our precious and irreplaceable fellow adventurers,

Centrale Fies art work space with the Fies Factory project, the structure that has supported, continues to support and give us a home since we our conception,

the Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese, which has welcomed and supported us for many years as a resident company,

the co-producer Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Lisbon) and the APAP Network - Performing Europe 2020 and the Creative Europe Program of the European Union of which we are a part,

The BE Festival (Birmingham) that awarded the study version of the show with the "BEST OF BE TOUR 2016”, a tour of Spain and the United Kingdom,

and we thank all the structures and organisations that supported the project: CSS Stable innovation theatre of the FVG, Municipality of Florence, Tuscany Region, Mibact, Funder 35, Sillumina - copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura.

We feel incredibly strongly that we share this award with the entire community of artists, professionals, critics, cultural workers and spectators in which we feel we belong; the community that holds a gaze on the world and the things that surround us, always searching for new ways to recount and transfigure our times. 

Long live theatre.

Yours Sotterraneo



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Attention is a form of alienation – the point is to know what alienates you. That’s why we always look lost in looking for something – even when we only make a few imperceptible gestures, glued to small bright bubbles. You do not understand who is listening and talking, who works and who is having fun, who really finds something and who is just confused. Have you come here without moving your gaze? Really? Isn’t this effort to do one thing at a time truly unbearable? Look around you – how many other things attract your attention? Now look at yourself from above – can you see yourself?  The surfaces of the most densely populated regions on Earth are covered by a dense fog of messages, images, and sounds. That’s where people move, interact, sleep. Sometimes more intense noises are heard, quickly absorbed by this fog as it flashes and resounds. Seen from here the planet seems just too loud and distracted to survive – even the glaciers melt too slowly for someone to pay attention to them. Let’s go back to the ground and look closely – we’re all mutating … into something that’s very, very fast.

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