Festival S U P E R C O N T I N E N T ² at CENTRALE FIES
Festival S U P E R C O N T I N E N T ² at CENTRALE FIES

from July 20th to July 28th

Performers, artists, philosophers, curators, sound designers, architects, researchers, directors that are about to regain both traditions and symbols as well as their future, by opening new visions, providing new space for things, producing biodiversity and complexity of sign, of content, of new views in new lands performing shamanic acts.

We have inhabited Supercontinent for a year. We have lived here without ever stopping, so that no boundaries could go from imagination to reality, but they could be created and melt according to their movement. After we took a break in the shelters, in the perception and imagination of a place elsewhere, the land underneath us has crumbled, changing the scene once again.
In the Supercontinent you can pitch your tent for the night in the desert and then in the morning find yourself on the top of the mountain.
We have explored, discovered, nourished, changed, abandoned every place of this new Pangaea. We have spoken strange languages which we could magically understand, we have built relationships with everything, from the smallest to the biggest, we have become animals, plants and then archipelagos.
We have found ourselves communicating by any means, running at different speeds. We have been alone and in the crowd at the same time, eremites and activators of new communities. We have ventured beyond the mountains, beyond the seas, the holes and the stones. And then, we have lost our way while walking along the same streets. We have met by chance, looking for ourselves as if it were the only possible way, we have been natives and foreigners at the same time in the Supercontinent.
When we realised that we were part of the landscape and when suddenly, while jumping the fence, we found ourselves going through a map as a continuous line between the outside and the inside, we gave a name to places, as in a carte de tendre* in order to define passions, fears, secret desires, natures.

What is a landscape made of? How can a space be created out of nothing? How can an idea be inhabited?
An unexpected seriality is to be found in the title (SUPERCONTINENT in 2017) and in the theme, which was not examined enough and related to the audience during only one edition: the birth of a new Pangaea, made possible by the geological movements and the migration routes and on the other hand, by intertwining disciplines and arts.  An expanding land, that keeps moving perpetually and never stops generating questions, hypothesis, changes of position, unexpected encounters.

How can the space be organised around a propulsive centre of symbolic dimensions and liminal and lateral thoughts? What is the destiny of the minor narrations? The boundaries are imaginary lines, can the new artistic practices move, redefine, undo them?

The “festival format” is taken into consideration again, a way thus, to include in the institution itself a form of risk, which is usually managed exclusively by the art production. In this way, Centrale Fies becomes an art project: the institution becomes a permeable structure influenced both by artists and by the cultural context and vice versa.
This year, the festival will be SUPERCONTINENT TWO.
Or better, squared.

apap artists presented at the festival:
Building Conversation / Lotte van den Berg (NL)
Géald Kurdian (FR)
Sotterraneo (IT)
WOWAWIWA/ Alma Söderberg + Hendrik Willekens
Sarah Vanhee / CAMPO (BE)

Giovanni Morbin _ anthological exhibition  + performance “A perdifiato”
curated by Denis Isaia
on JUNE 29 the artist Giovanni Morbin will present Il giro del Mondo con partenza da fermo (Movimento con passo falso) to the audience and to the press.

July 20th to July 29th: FESTIVAL
curated by Barbara Boninsegna, Filippo Andreatta
from 20 to 23 July Live Works performance act awards Vol.6
curated by  Barbara Boninsegna, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Simone Frangi

Find the festival programme in details here.