Programme overview of "Tanznacht-Forum 2017 - unsettled landscape" at Tanzfabrik Berlin:
TANZNACHT-FORUM 2017 – unsettled landscape
Programme overview of "Tanznacht-Forum 2017 - unsettled landscape" at Tanzfabrik Berlin:
TANZNACHT-FORUM 2017 – unsettled landscape

Monday, August 28, 2017

In a series of dialogues and performative encounters in the evening, the curators Silke Bake and Jacopo Lanteri, together with artist Julian Weber, invited guests to explore references, that inform aesthetics in dance currently:


unsettled landscape


  Part 1 

3 dialogues on contemporary aesthetics in dance

Talks with Silvia Fanti & Anne Juren, Ligia Lewis & Ana Vujanovic, Kirsten Maar & Peter Pleyer. Moderated by Silke Bake & Jacopo Lanteri.

In the recent history in Berlin, in Europe – starting from the mid-90ies - questioning the body’s appearance in society and reflecting the perception of the body on stage guided a changing understanding of contemporary dance. In the so called absence of dance – as it was received at that time – choreography functioned as an instrument of critical thinking on perception as well as on the theater apparatus. 

Looking at the unsettled landscape of dance nowadays, the question raised is what is happening, which kind of changes take place with which kind of references? Is there still an understanding of dance as an critical art practice? 

The desire to talk explicitly about aesthetics highlights the interest on talking about what’s happening on stage resp. which kind of questions are at work in dance pieces today. What kind of relation towards the audiences is catered or explored in a dance work? What kind of idea of perception of the body is reflected? And if or in which way all these questions and consequential which tools are informend by the society we are living in? 

How could one define contemporary dance today? In contrast to performance for example? Or is it not at all interesting anymore to distinguish between disciplines?

Six players from the field were invited to give an insight, starting from their perspective, and entering a dialogue with a colleague.





   Part 2   

encounters in dance, music and words 

Performance with Oliver Connew, Brendan Dougherty, Lisanne Goodhue, Martin Hiendl, Renen Itzhaki, Katharina Meves, Peter Pleyer, Antonia Steffens*

*Due to an indisposition, Elpida Orfanidou is replaced by Antonia Steffens.

Eight artists were invited to practice dancing, speaking and sounding, while testing different frames of improvisation during an extended weekend.

They do so starting from the question of what is moving them - in their bodies, in the space, in their work, in the world - from microscopic to global observations. In successive solos of movement and language, the body, charged by the dance, recalls and speaks of this biographically moved place.

An interplay between word and movement is established, which is continually questioning, where the impulses for dynamical changes and transformation processes can be localized.

The music of Brendan Dougerthy and Martin Hiendl is the connecting element through the evening, sometimes taking over the stage, sometimes withdrawing into the background.






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TANZNACHT-FORUM took place for the second time in the interim year of the biennial TANZNACHT BERLIN in order to discuss current issues of contemporary dance. In August 2018, TANZNACHT BERLIN will happen again, celebrating its 20th birthday around the working theme of ecology. Artists living in Berlin will be invited to interrogate the interdependencies and influences between dance/choreography and other artistic disciplines (especially music/composition), various working practices and dance historical narratives as well as the Environment.


TANZNACHT-FORUM 2017_unsettled landscape is curated by Silke Bake, Jacopo Lanteri, Julian Weber | With the support of apap - Performing Europe 2020 | Co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the Berlin Senatsverwaltung Kultur und Europa. In cooperation with Étape Danse.


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Photo credit: AnnA Stein, Norbert Bayer